Same Team: 3 Reasons to Network with Other Small Group Point People

As a new small group point person, the idea of creating community can be overwhelming. Perhaps there is a poor history with small groups in your church, or you’re struggling to find the needed support for the small group ministry. Maybe you have the needed support, but not the knowledge or track record of small group success. The solution is found in the idea of community. We are built for community, we strive to create community, why wouldn’t we work in community as well? Here are the 3 benefits of networking with other small group point people:


Join a huddle, the Small Group Network on Facebook, or LinkedIn. There are small group point people just like you who have experienced what you are experiencing. You will find other point people, working together for the same team.

Find Best Practices

Getting connected to other small group point people is important, but what are you doing with that relationship? Are you asking questions? Are you listening? Are you sharing information? We all have different ideas and perspectives, sometimes just asking a few questions will set you on the right path.

Challenge Yourself

Don’t be overwhelmed by the challenge; embrace it, and be bold. Reading small group books is a great place to start, but take it a step further and reach out to the author. The author might surprise you, they might even invite you to their church for one on one training. While that might sound unrealistic, it happens, and it’s worth the effort!

Networking is easy, you’ll find best practices, and you’ll receive answers to questions that you never considered asking. Small group point people advocate that community is the best place to grow and learn, why would small group point people attempt to grow and learn on their own?


Published by

Michael Grayston

Michael lives in sunny Palm Bay, Florida with his wife and two kids. He serves CenterPointe church as the Next Steps Pastor and is pursuing his Ed.D. in Christian Leadership at Liberty University. Prior to full-time ministry, Michael worked in healthcare leadership for over 10 years.

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