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Imagine a group of friends who know what you’re going through. Who have been through the same thing, and friends who would love to hear what God’s doing in your ministry. That’s the Small Group Network!

From Beginner To Expert

Are you new to groups ministry? Is your church trying it out for the first time? Or has your ministry plateaued and you're looking to go deeper?

We offer courses for every stage. But for beginners we recommend ALIGN. For something a little more advanced, check out ACCELERATE

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We believe in groups, so why aren't we learning, growing, exploring, and serving together? 

We are! Find us on pretty much all social channels, but definitely checkout our Facebook Group. It is over 10,000 people just like you, going through the same thing and asking your questions.

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Let's Get Together

Join a "Huddle," a small group for small group point people!

Huddles are quarterly meetups where you can discuss tips,  challenges, or just make friends with common interests. There is probably a Huddle near you and if not, we'd love to help you start one!

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The Fastest Way To Grow Your Groups Starts At Accelerate

Tips, "How-Tos", and Great Advice

Read the latest from some of the best writers in the Small Group Network!

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