Help, We’re Launching a Campaign and I Need Group Leaders

We’ve all been there, there’s a need and a vision to meet that need, and now it’s time to execute. Execution is tough, but it’s where the rubber meets the road. Simon Sinek encourages, in his great book, Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action, for success we must start with why, a clear understanding and reason for what we are doing. In order to mobilize a great campaign and great campaign leaders it’s vital to have clear vision. Though as Steve Jobs rallied his team at Apple Computer prior to the 1984 launch of the Macintosh with the mantra “real artists ship”, to be successful requires execution. Launching a church-wide campaign can be a great way to invigorate a local church and help connect unconnected members to small group life, but it comes down to accomplishing in a few key areas. And one of those areas, which can keep small group ministry leaders up at night, is recruiting new group leaders for the campaign.

Five Ways to Recruit Group Leaders During A Campaign

  1. Recruit From Within Current Groups. One of the best places to find great small group leaders when launching a new campaign is from within the pool of current group members. Those are the people that are already sold on small groups. They’re already bought in to being a part, they just need to be empowered to take the next step and lead. A great way to make an initial determination of what group members to ask is by challenging current group leaders to come back with at least two people in their group currently who would make great group leaders.
  2. Recruit From Within Ministry Areas. When your church undertakes a campaign, there will likely be an intentional focused time on that campaign. Since it is church wide, and other areas may be limiting activities somewhat during the campaign, one way to recruit leaders is by mobilizing the leaders in those areas to lead a campaign group. That has the added benefit of creating a deeper sense of community within individual ministry areas.
  3. Pre-Group. You’ll need to do this several months before you launch your campaign, but this can be a fantastic way of recruiting, training, and releasing small group leaders. Have experienced small group leaders start new groups with the express purpose of training and releasing small group leaders who aren’t quite ready. Some leaders call this a turbo group. The group members will learn as they go, and if you are upfront along the way they will feel empowered when you start talking about the campaign to lead for a season.
  4. Preach it! There is no greater voice to mobilize group involvement than the lead pastor. There is also no greater voice to recruit capable group leaders than the lead pastor. The message, the vision, must come from the top, prioritizing a church-wide campaign. Leaders want to get behind vision and the vision can’t be confusing or divided going in to a campaign. If the message is clear and the campaign is the direction the church is taking for the season, then capable leaders will get behind that vision.
  5. Connect then identify. Another great way to identify group leaders is to host connection events where groups can form organically. After casting the vision for the campaign host fun and nonthreatening events where individuals can make natural connections. As people begin to connect, empower those naturally forming groups to identify a leader, then work to empower that leader. It’s funny, groups of people can naturally call out gifted leaders even after a short time together.

These are just some ways of recruiting group leaders for your campaign. The important thing is having a plan in place.


  • JW Hilliard

    Passionate about empowering others to live boldly for Jesus through biblical community, JW serves as a Groups Director at Southside Church in Peachtree City, GA. He enjoys hiking, coffee, good books, and great conversations. He's blessed to serve Jesus through the local church and to share life with his amazing wife Melissa and two awesome sons Cade and Zechariah.

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