Why You DON’T Have to Know Everything to be the BEST Small Group Point Person

I’ve got great news—you don’t have to know everything to be the best small group point person. Actually, it’s better for your small group leaders if you don’t. It isn’t helpful for them to be the only source for learning how to lead their small group. They need other voices speaking into how to lead […]

CPR for Your Small Groups

CPR can save a life. It’s been around since 1740. And even though more than 50% know CPR (1), 70% feel helpless to act (2). It’s not hard to learn. It’s really very basic and straightforward. Advanced degrees are not required. Only a little bit of time, a willingness to learn something new, and the determination […]

Coaching the Call

Late Spring and early Summer are often consumed with preparations for a Fall small groups push of some sort. Maybe your church is doing a campaign, a church-wide study, a group launching event or some other community building endeavor. While we often place great amounts of time and resources into the mechanics of how this […]

High Flying Small Group Leadership: 5 Tips for Safe & Effective Takeoff & Landing

They’re easy to spot. There are just some small group organizations and teams that appear to have it all together. They seem to easily fly from one thing to another. They energetically contribute, treating one another with respect. They seem to get so much done with fewer people, more joy, and less aggravation. So, how […]

Don’t Try to FIX Your Group

One of the interesting insights coming out of the 12-step literature is that it is counter productive to try to fix each other. We can only fix ourselves. An atmosphere where we are constantly trying to fix each other will quickly squelch honesty. I do not want a group that is constantly trying to fix […]

4 Summer Steps to Prepare for your Fall Small Group Launch

Summer is for long days with a lemonade by the pool… but you better start thinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes soon. In most contexts, Fall is the best season to launch new groups. People are returning from their summer travels and the school is kicking off. The seasons are changing and there is momentum here you […]

8 Keys for Building a Community Culture

Culture is something you feel. Every group of people and organization has a distinct culture. It’s the water in which you swim when you’re hanging out in an environment or with a small group of people. It’s what you experience through all your senses when you are gathered with others who are a part of […]

Igniting Small Group Innovation: 5 Questions to Move Past Fear

It’s easy to let thoughts about failure and criticism hold you and your Small Groups back from innovation. All you have to do is nothing, just keep doing the same things, and you’ll continue to just drift along. When was the last time, in those fleeting moments of honest, self-reflection, you came to the realization […]

The #1 Gift You Can Give Your Small Group Leaders

Throughout my time as a Small Group Point Person, the hunt for the perfect gift for my leaders has been a challenge that, at times, has caused me considerable angst. I’m sure you know what I mean. Christmas is right around the corner, and you want to get something for your leaders that communicates value, […]

Small Group Trends: Are you doing these 4 things?

It used to be that only a few people at the top had all the power. Those living in the rarified air near or at the top of an organization chart, the greater the weight of their opinions and influence. Only leaders at the top, the people in front, had both authority and power to […]