5 Places to Find New Group Members

Need more people in your small group? Not sure where to find them? Surely, not everyone’s already in a group in your church? Where are they hiding? How can you find them? Don’t worry, sometimes Christians hide, and that’s ok, but we don’t want them to stay hidden. Other times, they’re looking for you too. […]

A Key to Growing Passionate Disciples of Jesus in Small Groups

As a small group leader, I take great comfort in knowing that I do not have to hit home runs with every group discussion I lead or lesson I teach. I do, however, need to hit singles regularly. If people are not hearing something meaningful and applicable to them, you will probably not keep them […]

How Will You Help Your Groups Cultivate an Attitude of Worshipful Submission?

For this question I want to expand on the traditional definition of worship. Here it means complete submission to the Holy Spirit, total surrender, including sacrifice of the junk that is in us. The small group point person is the starting point for worshipful submission throughout the ministry. Our example trickles down through our leadership, so […]

From Fear to Friendship: How Introverts Can Find Community in Small Groups

Hello, my name is Jeremy, and moving from fear to friendship can be difficult. You see, I’m an introvert. Introvert noun in·​tro·​vert ˈin-trə-ˌvərt  : a person whose personality is characterized by introversion: a typically reserved or quiet person who tends to be introspective and enjoys spending time alone This is funny because I am also the Pastor responsible for […]

Small Group Evangelism & The Bridges of God

What are the bridges of God? How does the gospel spread from my small group to a lost and dying world? Donald McGavran wrote about this in 1955. He had observed that two churches in the same neighborhood preaching the same doctrine with pastors from the same seminary would have wildly different results. One church […]

Doubling Your Small Groups — a Worthy Goal

“If you wish to build a ship, do not divide the men into teams and send them to the forest to cut wood. Instead, teach them to long for the vast and endless sea.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry We can reach our nation for God with an army of small group leaders like you who long […]

Steve Gladen: Small Group Health VS Numerical Growth

All Types of Churches to Reach All Types of People A very small church may be very healthy; a very large church may be very unhealthy. This is also true of small group ministries—size is not indicative of health. When we have shared what works for us at Saddleback, sometimes the response is, “Sure, that works […]

Making Disciples like Jesus through Small Groups

Doubling groups is a worthy goal. Here is why. There is no discplemaking without small groups. It is the way Jesus did it. He gathered a group together and taught them. He taught them in the context of a group; in the context where they could discuss what was taught. This is how life-change happens. […]

Daniel Thomas

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Daniel serves as Executive Pastor at Community Church of Mountain City, TN.  Daniel and his family are on a mission to establish roots within their community, fight for peace and serve well.  He serves as our Connections Director in laying the groundwork for Circles. He loves great coffee and traveling with his wife Tia and two children, Deklan and Aden



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