The Top 5 Podcasts of 2016

When I was a kid I loved the show MacGyver about a secret agent who saves the day once a week.  In every show Mac, as his friends call him, ended up in some impossible life and death scenario where he used just his smarts, a stick of gum, a bit of wire and his trusty Swiss Army Knife to get out.  Every week Mac always made it.  He seemed to know it and could do it ALL, and all by himself.  Occasionally there were cameo roles but MacGyver was the expert, no matter the situation.  MacGyver taught me some things.  Most problems are solved in an hour, SWISS ARMY KNIVES rock, and if you want to be the guy, you’ve got to always know what to do. But, it turns out MacGyver lead me astray.

As I’ve found out in the real world Mac doesn’t know all the answers.   Real heroes have resources, well and their form of Swiss Army Knives.  For Small Group ministry leaders it’s often a smart phone.  And as for resources for those impossible scenarios, you don’t have to be the lone hero, the Small Group Network provides a wealth of resources.  One of the greatest is Group Talk, the Small Group Network Podcast.  So go ahead and grab your multi-purpose smartphone and prepare for all those leadership scenarios, not alone, but with the wisdom of the network.  Here are the top five downloads from 2016 to get you started:

So with the right tools and the right shared wisdom, you should be prepared for any scenario that comes your way, especially as you continue to listen to Group Talk.

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