Do Your Singles Suffer From Second-Class Syndrome?

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While most churches are becoming more and more family-centric and focused, there is an increasingly significant segment of the church population who are often underserved and overlooked. The singles. If you’re in need of fresh perspective and strategies for engaging and serving the singles in your church, this Group Talk is  for you!

The unfortunate reality in many churches is that while many events, plans and budget line items revolve around the needs of families, the single members of the local church often feel like second-class citizens, largely misunderstood, without staff advocacy and left to fend for themselves when it comes to community.

In this month’s Group Talk, Grant Jenkins, Singles Ministry Leader and member of the Small Group Network Communications Team, discusses Treating Second Class Syndrome In The Church, addressing issues related to engaging singles in the local church and encouraging the church to begin to see their singles as people, not projects. Grant blogs at and you can connect with him on Twitter @jgrantjenkins.

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