Treating Small Group Infections

By Chet Gladkowski There is lots of talk and opinions being bandied around the virtual water cooler, i.e., Zoom calls, social media, and the internet, about vaccines. While many have taken advantage of the COVID-19 vaccine, one in four Americans said they would refuse a coronavirus vaccine outright if offered. Another 5% are “undecided” about […]

5G Small Group Discipleship

Grow as a leader, strengthen your team & learn the essentials of small group ministry by attending Align Nashville! By Chet Gladkowski and Brian Phipps. 5G Small Group Discipleship Moving to the next generation of small group discipleship certainly accelerates speed, but there’s something else even more important. You can hardly watch any screen without […]

Developing an Anti-Racist Culture in Your Small Group

Talking about race can be one of the topics we advise our group leaders to avoid during their group time. It is layered in personal experience, history, politics, and culture that can easily lead to an out of control, polarizing conversation. BUT it doesn’t have to. Jesus told us in John 13:34-35, “Love one another; […]

6 Tips for Overcoming Virtual Meetings Fatigue

Create Your Free Account Today! By Chris Surratt & Brian Daniel Most of us are still adjusting to a world where screen captures of Zoom meetings have become the new selfie. In this time of social distancing, our only social contacts—outside of our households—are through a camera lens and a video screen. In so many […]

How To Take Your Small Group Online

Create Your Free Account Today! From the Saddleback Small Groups Team The world is looking for hope and we have an unprecedented opportunity to provide it. Your small group is now more important than ever. By keeping your members connected you can offer the care, support, and community that everyone needs, especially right now. […]

Small Group Ministry in Times of Adversity

small group ministry in adversity

“Huddles” are like small groups for small group point people – a great way to find support & share ideas like this one here! Invite 2 or more friends & start a huddle today online or over coffee! One of the many benefits of a small group is coming together face-to-face for growing together in the […]

How Online Small Groups Work

Connect with & learn from some of the brightest small group point people from around the world. Space is limited to the first 100 attendees. Lock in Early Bird price by Oct 2nd. For more info or to register, click HERE Online groups are a powerful way to provide an expression of biblical community no matter […]

6 Ideas to Bring Healing Through the Practice of Confession

Accelerate the health & growth of your small group ministry by attending one of these “Accelerate” Small Group Workshops! The practice of regular confession is largely lost in our religious circles. Protestantism, during the breaking away from the Roman Catholic church in the age of the reformation, rightly departed from the idea of penance, but […]

4 Next Steps After Returning from a Church Conference

Accelerate the health & growth of your small group ministry by attending one of these “Accelerate” Small Group Workshops! The Apostle Paul’s advice to Titus on attending church conferences. Did you know that the Apostle Paul spoke to Titus about key points for attending a church conference? Okay, so maybe he didn’t.  But if he did, […]

Daniel Thomas

Connections Director


Daniel serves as Executive Pastor at Community Church of Mountain City, TN.  Daniel and his family are on a mission to establish roots within their community, fight for peace and serve well.  He serves as our Connections Director in laying the groundwork for Circles. He loves great coffee and traveling with his wife Tia and two children, Deklan and Aden



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