5 Reasons to Attend The Lobby

Why you should attend The Lobby.

There are lots of great church conferences to attend. At each, the participants sit under the teaching of the “Expert in the room”. Great info is dispensed by great presenters. So, how is the Lobby different?

Every participant has an equal voice. We believe that real life practitioners are the “expert in the room” and that is YOU. Every participant has great ministry experiences to share and to learn from. The Lobby simply creates the environment for this to happen.

Specific to your ministry. You decide what topics you wish to discuss. Participants are surveyed prior to arrival to help identify topics important to their ministry. At the event, you choose from a list of topics that you wish to discuss.

Access to other practitioners. We intentionally allow time for you to strike up a conversation with other participants of your choosing for in depth personalized discussion. You have full access to each and every “expert in the room”.

Expand your personal network. By the end of our time together, you will have connected with a number of other participants who live near you. From time to time you will be intentionally grouped with the others who live nearest to you. These new relationships are vital for future support and encouragement.

Connection to Small Group Gurus. At each Lobby event there are always veteran Small Group Gurus in attendance. They come to learn from you; from your experiences, good and bad. You get the benefit of personally connecting with them. A wise guru stays fresh by connecting with additional ministry leaders from a variety ministry cultures. You benefit from their wisdom and experience and you often leave with a contact you can call whenever you need them.

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Individual Registration – $209.00

Team of 2 Registration (price per person) – $199.00

Team of 3 or more Registration (price per person) – $189.00

*Registration ends on Nov 8th, 2021. Walk-in registrations are not available.