5 Things All Small Group Point People Need To Know

Looking back on my start as a small group point person a decade ago, I see how much it mirrored my start as a small group leader nearly two decades ago.  I was idealistic and opinionated, I was eager to learn and dove in to find out.  I tried to inform myself on the models, responsibilities of leading, the nuances of people, but I had some real blind spots.  Ultimately, I didn’t know what I didn’t know.  It was much the same when I started out as a small group leader.  I stumbled around much like a man in a dark room looking for a light switch, running in to a few walls before I finally hit my mark.  Over the years I continue to learn and grow from those who’ve blazed the path before me and also from fresh eyes who see and are willing to ask the question why.  It’s in their wisdom this list was forged.

  1. What we do as ministry leaders doesn’t define who we are.  

    Admiral Ackbar’s warning holds true here, “It’s a TRAP”.  But successful traps are easy to slip in to but hard to escape from, and this particular trap can take us down.
    “If our identity is in our work, rather than Christ, success will go to our heads, and failure will go to our hearts.” Tim Keller

  2. People will hurt you…but don’t give up on them.
    This was a hard one to get both as a small group leader and as I transitioned into vocational ministry.  Investing in people means that you give part of yourself in the process.  There is no way to invite people along on the journey without putting yourself on the line for hurt.  The easy answer, the answer I wanted to choose, was to give up on people and say it’s not worth it. It is easy to hide behind systems and processes and protect myself from hurt.  But people, as messy as we are, are kind of the point.
    Read more here & here
  3. Personal care is vital.
    As busy small group point people, leading in growing ministries, it is so very easy to neglect the person we are most responsible to lead – o
    urselves.  But we can’t lead others well in the long-term if we aren’t first leading our own selves well. Read more here & here.
  4. The more I grow, the more I need to learn.
    As leaders we naturally want to grow.  And the more our responsibility and influence grows, the more our natural talent and capacity is challenged.  That’s why it’s so important that we are tenacious in becoming life long learners.
    Read more here and here
  5. There is very little reward without measured risk.
    The longer leaders are in position, the more difficult it can become to take calculated risks.  This is especially true as your responsibilities and influence grow.  But little was ever gained without a degree of risk.  Knowing how to leverage it is important in leading well.
    Read more here and here.

BONUS #6 – Developing small group contacts and friends is vital.  I’m still learning and growing, but as a small group point person, the Small Group Network has been INDISPENSABLE.  Getting involved with a local huddle is super beneficial and will help you develop ministry contacts.  Join a local HUDDLE today!


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    Passionate about empowering others to live boldly for Jesus through biblical community, JW serves as a Groups Director at Southside Church in Peachtree City, GA. He enjoys hiking, coffee, good books, and great conversations. He's blessed to serve Jesus through the local church and to share life with his amazing wife Melissa and two awesome sons Cade and Zechariah.

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