5 Benefits of Using the Small Group Network App

As a small group point person, you’re always looking for another resource. Typically, we are the only one at our church that does what we do. It’s our responsibility to find out best practices, and identify the new trends to get people connected using groups. From huddles to podcast, the Small Group Network has the resources you need at smallgroupnetwork.com. One new tool is the Small Group Network app. With this new tool, there is no need to use your computer, or deal with a mobile website. Here are 5 benefits of downloading and using the Small Group Network app:

It’s easy

As a small group point person, you are here to connect, to find resources, and encouragement. We are on the go, we are busy connecting to one another. We don’t always have time or access to a computer. Through the app, we have the information we need at our fingertips.

It’s a Social Media Hub

Did you know that the Small Group Network is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest? Even if you don’t use those social media platforms, you can access the Small Group Network’s content through the app.

It’s full of resources

Looking for a specific blog post? Are you trying to remember what the three ways to engage your Lead Pastor as the groups champion were?  You can access all the blog post, group talks, and videos that the Small Group Network offers from your phone. If you allow the app to provide push notifications, you’ll get new blog post as soon as posted.

It’s a direct link to huddles and events

We are better connected! Joining a huddle is a great way to network with other small group point people. Looking for an event? You can find and register for an event right from your phone. The app will even link you to turn by turn directions!

You can ask Steve Gladden “any small group question”

Steve Gladen, the Founder of The Small Group Network, has a direct link located on the app. You simply tap the “Ask Steve” icon and ask your question. The only information required is your name and email address.

Ready to get the app? Downloading the app is easy. Find the app store on your phone, search for the small group network, and tap on the icon to select it. Tap on the install button, the app is completely free. As soon as the app is downloaded, go to your home screen and make sure that the shortcut is there.


  • Michael Grayston

    Michael lives in Palm Bay, Florida with his wife and two kids. He serves CenterPointe church as the Next Steps and Multisite Pastor and is pursuing his Ed.D. in Ministry Leadership at Liberty University. Before full-time ministry, Michael spent over 10 years in healthcare leadership.

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