Two Questions That Every Small Group Point Person Should Be Asking

As a small group point person, you know to ask what’s happening in groups. It’s the only way to know how best to help.

  • What topics are you discussing?
  • What is the next study you’re planning?
  • What is your attendance like?
  • What is the number of new people you can take?

But if that’s the only type of question you ask, you won’t get the full picture. Just asking, “What?” can lead to some problems.

I bought my 11-year-old nephew a remote controlled drone for his birthday this year. He had wanted one for a while, and one of his hobbies was watching videos online of other people piloting them. He could barely wait to get it out of the package.

Overcome with excitement, he grabbed it and ran for the door. Still running, he turned it on and tossed it in the air. It did its part. It buzzed and whirred, nearly hitting him in the head. My nephew did his best to mash every button on the controller hoping to make the drone fly the way he wanted. All the while I was chasing him urging him to let me show him how to actually fly the thing.

The out-of-control drone zipped this way and that, finally hit a branch of a tree and spun to the ground in a nearby street. An unsuspecting car zoomed past us, missing it by just a few inches.

Before picking what he wanted it to do, he needed to learn how it operated.

Instead of just asking “What?” you need to be asking “How?” Questions that start with “how” seek to understand the process of the group. They are about group dynamics and health. The temptation is to focus on output over health.

  • How are you seeing God at work in your group?
  • How often are people opening up?
  • How effective is your leadership right now?
  • How do you plan to grow your group’s focus on prayer?
  • How can you empower group members to take on some responsibilities in the group?

These two types of questions keep you focused on direction but also mindful of health and dynamics.


  • Jon Noto

    Jon Noto is a licensed Christian therapist who was called into ministry and served at Willow Creek Community Church’s North Shore campus as Community Life Pastor. Now Jon works with White Stone Counseling Resources, a Christian counseling practice that serves local churches. Jon continues to write, teach, and train in addition to private practice. You can follow him on Facebook or Twitter.

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