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To most people, these numbers don’t mean much, but to me, as a Type 2 Diabetic they mean everything. 80-120 is the normal range my blood sugar level (BSL) should be, and 120-140 is the range my BSL should be after a meal. I have to test my blood sugar levels multiple times a day to make sure I am staying within the norms. All it takes is a simple prick of the finger, and a little drop of blood for my test meter to tell me if I am good, or if whatever I just ate spiked my blood sugar level.

I wish there was a meter like I use to test my BSL that I could use to test the health of a small group. Unfortunately, measuring the health of a small group is not that easy. There are many factors that are in play when it comes to whether or not a small group is healthy.

When I was first diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes I had a blood sugar level of 383 and I weighed in at 242 pounds, I was in pretty gnarly shape. My doctor asked me several questions to get down to the how and why of the state of health I was in.

As small group leaders, we have to do the same thing when it comes to understanding the health of our group. Here are a few questions to guide you in this process:


Whatcha got?

As a leader, the plan fact is, we give away what we’ve got, both good and bad. How are you doing spiritually, mentally and physically? If you are leading from an unhealthy state, you’re more likely to lead your people into an unhealthy state.


What’s hot and what’s not?

Every leader should do a temperature check of their group. Do you know what’s hot and happening, as well as what’s cold and stagnant with your group? What’s the current temperature of your small group?


What do you bleed?

I once heard Andy Stanley ask this question in regards to leadership, “If I were to cut you open what would you bleed?” Does your group bleed intensive Bible study, topical studies, service, etc…when’s the last time you’ve checked your group’s blood?


The Lobby

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Am I the Micromanager?

As the leader of the group, are doing everything?…Do you love burnout? Who are you having ICNU conversations with?…I-C-N-U what you don’t see in yourself. Who are you investing in?


 Is that seat taken?

As a group, are you praying for and filling the empty chair? Have you added any new people to your group in the last year? Is your group an inclusive “Holy Huddle” or, is it a welcoming and accepting environment?


You’re studying what?

Have you ever been so excited about doing a study with your group and then realize three weeks into it you’ve killed the group? Never be afraid to cut rope on a study and find one that is a better fit for the group.


Is that a growth?

As the group leader you are in charge of setting the environment for your group. You can either help the group grow up, or the people will begin to grow out and on to another group. Can you look back at the past year and identify how God has been working through you and your group?


While there are a many more question and things you can do to measure the growth of your small group, I believe these questions can begin to put your group on the pathway of growth and health in 2017!


  • Danny Bias

    Danny is the Life Groups Connections Director at Newbreak Church in San Diego, CA. Helping new people get connected at Newbreak and into life groups are his passion. His role as Life Groups champion gives him the opportunity to train and develop Life Group staff, coaches, and leaders at all five Newbreak campuses. He and his wife, Jennifer, have been married thirteen years and have three boys together, Cash, Colt, and Jase. Danny also loves road cycling and the outdoors.

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