Perfect Leadership by Dave Alford

THE THREE INGREDIENTS FOR PERFECT LEADERSHIP Perfect leadership? Is that even possible? Perhaps not, but wouldn’t it be great to at least know what it looks like? Then we’d have a target to shoot for. Well, as it turns out, the Bible’s storyline begins with perfect leadership. It’s what God provided to Adam and Eve […]

Wanted: Authentic Community By Judy Colegrove

Small groups are all about leading people into a deeper relationship with Christ and with one another. But what if your group members haven’t really connected?  How can you help them to move past superficial relationships and only showing up when it’s convenient, into a deeply committed, love relationship with Christ and one another? It […]

Two Key Qualities of Leaders in Ministry By Jay Daniell

Whether identifying a new Pastor, a new Ministry Leader or a new Small Group Leader, I have found two key ingredients necessary for success. Please don’t misunderstand; many variables come into play when identifying specific ministry leadership roles. But, if leadership candidates do not meet these two criteria, their leadership is doomed before they begin. […]