One Simple Idea – Promoting Small Groups in your Worship Service

If you are anything like me, you are always keen to hear about new and creative ideas to promote small groups, so how about trying this simple idea.

Most faith communities have a time during the worship service where they encourage people to ‘meet and greet’. During this time ask people to stand if they attend a small group. From the platform give a one minute (or less!) vision talk around SG ministry and then ask those standing (ie small group attendees) to meet and greet someone nearby who is still seated.  (ie potential small group attendees!)

It might be a good step to give some direction around the greeting; “Hi, my name is Tracey, this is what I really enjoy about being in my small group, or I love my small group because…… “

Be very careful to clearly communicate that this is not a time to try and twist people’s arms into joining a group (even though we would love them to consider!) but rather an opportunity to share how positive small groups are for those who attend.




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You are simply using something which already happens most Sundays and using it strategically to give an opportunity for people to openly share about their positive experience of small groups, en masse!  What’s not to like about the picture this paints?

At the same time you could also do one or more of the following;

  • Encourage small group attendees to be available to talk further with those they greeted after the service. (if appropriate!)
  • After the service provide an information booth, flyers, or other material to help people know how to find out more about small groups in your church
  • Plan this simple idea around the time you are promoting a church wide campaign or small group connection event.

One simple idea! Why not give it a go?

Have a question or an insight? Leave it below!

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