One ‘Must Have’ Resource for your Small Group Ministry.

During the month of June 2018, an eagerly awaited resource landed on the shores of Australia. Many hours of time, energy, writing, administration, and finances had been invested to ensure a safe arrival!

Steve Gladen was here and the Australian Small Groups with Purpose Conferences would soon begin. As the day of the conference approached, a visceral excitement bubbled up within the small planning group who had embarked on this ambitious project. Not only would they meet Steve and hear his teaching but also experience the unveiling of the amazing ELMO machine!

So, began an amazing 4 days where over 330 Australian pastors, and small group leaders, were captivated and inspired by vibrant and vital teaching.  In the weeks following, Steve’s teaching has continued to ripple out from Melbourne and Sydney and I am sure it will have deep impact across our whole nation.

Sadly, there were many who were not able to hear Steve during our recent conferences BUT Steve’s teaching is available to everyone. Through The Small Group Network and through his books; Small Groups with Purpose, Leading Small Groups with Purpose and Planning Small Groups with Purpose.

Steve’s teaching is practical and biblical and his ability to connect with those present using relevant and personal stories is powerful. God works through him to communicate spiritual truth and your small group ministry will benefit immensely from this ‘must have’ resource.

NOW I just want to assure you that:-

  1. No bribes or incentives were taken to write this blog – (in fact Steve does not know I am writing on this subject!)
  2. The Melbourne SGN Huddle who caught my vision to bring Steve to Australia and helped execute the plan would 100% agree that it was an amazing time of learning, inspiration and a ‘life giving’ experience for their own small group ministries.
  3. The opinions expressed in this blog are not simply my own. The 330 plus people who attended the conferences were impacted by Steve’s practical, relational and powerful teaching – here is some of what they said;
  • Thank you for the very valuable equipping and encouraging time
  • I feel I have the tools to help me grow my group
  • Steve is a highly engaging entertaining and informative speaker
  • We intend to share what we have learnt with our church family
  • I found all the information relevant, easy to understand and apply
  • Excelled my expectations
  • Came for some help with small groups left inspired and challenged, hungry to continue to change lives
  • Top Notch!
  • Wish more from my church could have been here
  • Thanks to all involved in the SGN may God continue to bless you
  • Thank you for the conference not only did I learn from the word of God but I also enjoyed Steve’s tremendous talent as a comedian!
  • The timing, the teaching, the challenges were all God’s destiny for me
  • Thank you for the challenge to be faithful and not waste what God has given me
  • I came away motivated and empowered to be a ‘destiny-changer’
  • Great value all round, it will make a difference to the future
  • Very thought provoking – how small groups need to be connected to the wider church vision
  • I would recommend the training for all small group leaders
  • Can’t wait to share with other leaders what I have learnt
  • Loved the honesty of Steve Gladen
  • A time to refocus on the mission on earth – being a destiny changer
  • Appreciated Steve’s vulnerability, sharing what hadn’t worked as well as what had
  • Thank you, the conference, reignited my waning passion for small group ministry
  • The heart and passion in the evangelism sessions was contagious
  • Praise God -a small group system/method to equip us all

So, the only thing I must say now isWhat will you do to make sure your small group ministry has access to the teaching of Steve Gladen?   His experience and insight are a ‘must have’ resource for every church, pastor, small group ministry and small group leader!


  • Tracey Ware

    Tracey has a heart and passion for small group ministry which goes back to her teenage years. It was in a small group that she was mentored, challenged and encouraged in her Christian walk. She believes that small groups have amazing (often unleashed) potential to impact not only the local church but our world! ?Tracey is an ordained pastor and has had many years’ experience in small group ministry in both NSW and Victoria – (Australia). She is currently the Pastor for Life Groups at Syndal Baptist Church. She was a guest presenter at the Twelve Conference in April 2015, and also established the first SGN Huddle in Australia in Sept 2015. (Melbourne VIC). Tracey is married to David and has two young adult sons.

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