How to Encourage Prayer Between Small Group Meetings

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Q: Do you struggle with how often your small group coaches and leaders pray for those they lead?

Are your small group leaders looking for new ways to encourage their members to pray for each other throughout the week?

The Importance of Prayer in Small Groups

In Back to the Basics, Kiersten Telzerow discusses the need for Small Group Point People to pray specifically for those they lead.

There is power in our prayers. When we pray, God answers.

But this isn’t limited to just Point People. It is important for our small group staff, coaches, and leaders/hosts to do the same.

Even the members of small groups need to incorporate prayer daily outside of their gatherings.

Some people are more disciplined in regularly praying than others. Some are better at keeping track of specific ways to pray for others.

I admit it. I am sometimes prayer challenged. I get distracted or busy and time flies without having the conversations with God I need. Do you or others you lead fall into this trap at times?

What if there was a way to encourage yourself and those you lead to pray daily and encourage the ones they are praying for at the same time?

Benefits of Using the Echo Prayer App

Groups in Echo Prayer AppSeveral years ago, I learned about a free prayer app while I was on vacation. It was mentioned by a pastor during his sermon at the church my Mom attended. I tried it and the Echo prayer App helped my prayer life tremendously. But I now use it for more than a prayer alarm.

A group capability was added to this app. I had my group members try it out as an experiment. It helped our small group just as much as it helped me. Since then, several groups I talked with have now incorporated it.

Here are some of the things the Echo Prayer App can do for you and those you lead:

  • Manages prayer requests for the group
  • Keeps a log of answered prayers
  • Sends messages to group members when the prayer list is updated
  • Reminds the user to pray
  • Allows the user to communicate with their group through messaging
  • Keeps the information securely protected from anyone outside the group
  • Runs on both iPhone and Android devices
  • Sends a message to those prayed for (if they are in the group)

Do not underestimate the power of that last feature. When I received my first message that someone had prayed for me, it came as a surprise and at a time I needed the encouragement. It had a bigger impact on me than I ever imagined it could have.

I encourage you to give this prayer app a try. Have your leaders set up a group in the app with those they lead.

Go to to learn more about the Echo Prayer App.

Please let me know how it works for you and your team.


  • Roger Carr

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