Emerging Trends in Small Group Ministry with Mike Mack [Podcast]

Q What are the emerging trends in small group ministry? How are millennials viewing small group ministry? What are wholistic small groups? If you or anyone on your team are asking these questions, then you’ve come to the right place!

Mike Mack has been involved in discipleship and small group ministry for more than 25 years, most recently at Northeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY. He founded SmallGroups.com in 1996 and has led small group training seminars across the US as well as in Canada and Brazil. He is a consultant and leads a ministry called small group leadership and is the author of eight books about small groups and discipleship, most recently, “World’s Greatest Small Group.” He is currently an adjunct professor at Cincinnati Christian University and teaches a class on Small Group Ministry & Discipling.

In this month’s “Group Talk” podcast, host Carolyn Taketa discusses the following topics with Michael in this exclusive interview…

  • How millennials are viewing small groups in today’s culture
  • How to leverage the connections you already have in your life to do groups
  • Train and trust: how to have a balanced leadership structure in ministry
  • Wholistic groups and emerging trends in small group ministry 
  • How to have the worlds greatest small group

Just click the play button at the top of this post to enjoy this insightful discussion! To subscribe to our Group Talk Podcast, click HERE


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