Pre-requisite: for the maximum experience, we recommend you take the “Align: Learning Small Group Ministry Essentials” course first.

This course is part 1 of our 5 part “Accelerate!” mini course series taken from Steve Gladen’s book “Planning Small Groups with Purpose.” You can take each one of these 5 mini courses in order to complete this series, or you can take the full length “Accelerate!” course which combines all 5 mini courses into one large course. In these six sessions you will develop a plan for the first set of four questions out of twenty. You will learn about aligning churchwide, how to communicate the value of groups, developing a plan to connect people and the importance of data management. Inside of each question you will explore your team’s dream, identify the obstacles, design an action plan and consider a time for it to happen.

You can purchase one course for yourself as an individual user or you can purchase multiple courses for multiple users at a discounted price & easily share them via email to others.

Each Course

$ 20