What’s Your Pulse?

As a Small Group Point Person (SGPP), it is essential to have a pulse. Well, to stay alive, you need a pulse! So, what does your pulse look like right now? Maybe you’re reading or watching this and your watch is telling you your pulse is fast for a resting rate. Or maybe you’re in prime condition, and you nailed all of your exercise rings for the day- for the win!

I wish it was that simple, but maybe you don’t have a watch that tells you your pulse for small groups either. But, there is a pulse in small groups. The question is, “Do you know it?”

I was meeting with a group of people recently and someone was stating that they primarily lead small groups. Another person responded that they primarily participate in small groups. Another then chimed in and said, “How do I know when to lead a group or participate in a group?” The common denominator is the pulse of the SGPP. So, who is right?

It is absolutely essential to know what is taking place in your small groups. If you don’t know the pulse, how do you know the groups are still alive?! But, I think there are two ways of going about it- a bird’s eye view and a boots on the ground or a worm’s eye view. Now, don’t take offense in being described as a bird or a worm- it’s merely a viewpoint, and I do have a point!

Bird’s Eye View- means you can see everything from the perspective of 3,000 feet in the air. You can see everything taking place and get a holistic picture. You see all of the parts and activity taking place that makes up that geographical space. But, you see from a visionary perspective, and you don’t see all of the details that take place on the ground.

Worm’s Eye View- is a boots on the ground perspective. It means you see everything happening within a certain perimeter, even if you have 20/20 vision. You can still only visibly see so far, but what you can see, is very detailed.

The person who said they mostly lead groups has a bird’s eye perspective. The person who said they mostly participate in groups has a worm’s eye view. Both are a right perspective, but I would propose that most often, our pulse is knowing the right time for which view.

In my own life, I know at times, I need to lead a group. It is important for me to connect with other SGPP and be invited to leadership opportunities and events because I’m serving in a leadership capacity. On the other hand, if you only ever lead groups and don’t participate in them, you’ll only ever have one perspective. There have been seasons in my life where I have only participated in a small group as a SGPP, but you put the two views together and you have a more accurate assessment, a holistic view, and a better understanding of the pulse of your groups.

So, what is your pulse? Are you in a season where the Lord is asking you to lead or is he asking you to participate?

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