Top Five Benefits Of Joining The Small Group Network

As a ministry leader, you know that being in community is critical to the spiritual growth of your small group ministry.

If you are part of the Small Group Network, then you also know it is a great place to build relationships with people who have the same passion for ministry you do.  If you are not a part of the SGN, you are missing out on some great resources and some new friends.

In a recent very non-scientific poll, some of our very own SGN members shared some of the benefits they have experienced by being part of the network.

Here are the top five benefits they shared:

  • Community

We are better, stronger, and more effective collectively instead of trying to do small group ministry without the input of others.  As we say in the Small Group Network, “we’re better together.”

  • Connecting

The Small Group Network is a place to connect with other people who experience the same challenges.   Proverbs 27:17 says “Iron sharpens iron.”  Together, we can help one another grow as point leaders.

  • Encouragement

It is easy to become discouraged in ministry and get bogged down with tasks.  The SGN is a network of people who share encouragement and support  when the going gets tough.

  • Resources/Learning

The SGN is a great place to learn from the experiences of others.  Our members possess a wealth of information and are willing to share what works in their ministry and what doesn’t.  The SGN is full of resources, tools, and ideas where we can work as a team to find solutions.  Did you know you can go directly to our “Ask Steve” page and ask Steve Gladen, the SGN founder, a direct question about small groups?

  • Networking

Connecting with our peers is essential to learning and gaining ideas.  The SGN is a great place to exchange ideas and maybe even make a new friend.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list of all of the wonderful benefits of being in the Small Group Network.  If you are a small group point person, come and see the benefits for yourself.  Join the Small Group Network today!

Click here to hear what Steve Gladen has to say about how we are “better together.”

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