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We’re all adapting to the impact of COVID-19 and just because we’re unable to gather physically for the time being, this doesn’t mean we can’t grow spiritually with others and help more people connect into small groups. An easy approach you might consider trying out is inviting people to do a Bible Reading Plan with you using the YouVersion Bible app. Learn more about it HERE.

You can do this with people who are part of your small group or even start a new one in four easy steps:

  1. Create an account HERE
  2. Choose a Bible Reading Plan HERE
  3. Click the “Start this Plan” button and choose to read it “With Friends”
  4. Select your start date and then a link will be generated that you can use to invite others via social media, text, email, etc.

Those who accept your invite will be able to join in a dialogue with one another for the duration of the reading plan you selected.  As the host, you can respond to their comments about the devotion and/or Scriptures related to each day’s reading. Two ways you can do this is by “liking” what they said and adding your own comments where you reference their names.

This approach is “easy” because it requires a low-level commitment on the part of the participants, they can do it any time of the day from their phone or computer, and they know it will conclude when the reading plan finishes.

Since the level of interactivity is limited, I recommend supplementing the Bible reading plan by using Zoom for a weekly round-up of reflections. During this face-to-face touchpoint, people can share about what impacted them the most from the previous week’s readings and then pray for one another. You could also leverage mobile group messaging apps like GroupMe or WhatsApp to keep the conversation going throughout the week.

This is a great way to keep the connection with people you know and invite others who have not yet experienced biblical community in a small group. This may be a time when we’re limited doing things the way we’ve done them, but moreover, it’s a season full of opportunities like this to engage a greater number of people in new ways. As you seize this opportunity, it will hopefully serve as a magnet for those not yet connected.

For more info about starting and managing plans with friends, click HERE.

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