5 Ways To Expand Your Network (And The Small Group Network)

Most small group point people I know are amazing at helping people connect and build relationships. However, they also seem to have the hardest time connecting to other small group point people. It is a strange paradox that expert connectors seem to run solo most of the time. The goal of the Small Group Network is to connect small group point people so that no one has to lead alone. With that in mind here are five ideas for building your own network (and the Small Group Network) in 2018.

  1. Connect virtually. We are all busy and sometimes it can seem like it takes a herculean effort just to meet for coffee. But most of us spend at least some time on social media. You can use that time to connect with people virtually, although that might cut down on your candy crush time.
  2. Make time to attend a Huddle. This one may seem obvious, however as I stated above, carving out time can be difficult. Get your local huddle meetings on your calendar now.
  3. Visit other churches, and try to join a small group. I personally try to visit another local church once a quarter and try to join a small group. This is helpful for finding creative ideas for connecting people. It also is a great way to meet other Small Group Point People and share ideas. And invite them to our next huddle.
  4. Share your best stuff. One of the best ways to build a relationship with other busy people is to help them succeed. Each of us has amazing ideas. Sharing these with others will help us all be better.
  5. Cold call churches. As a last resort, google churches in your area and call them asking for the small group person. Invite them to your huddle or a cup of coffee and get to know one another.

We all know the benefits of living a life in community. That is why we do what we do. We simply need to make connecting ourselves a priority in 2018. Hopefully I can connect with you this next year.


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