5 Tips To Do Your Best Work At Home

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So, we are all in a season right now of working from home, that is if we aren’t considered essential personnel. For some of us as Small Group Point People, this may be the first time working from home. So, I wanted to share five things you can do to ensure you are doing your best work from home. This post was predominately inspired by Carey Nieuwhof, a leadership guru on success management. You can read more here.

Sit Up – I made the mistake the first couple of days working at home from a “comfortable” chair. My backside was comfortable but after awhile, my neck was not! Over the course of longer days, I had a lot of neck strain that I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. So to spare you from neck pain- set yourself up at a desk like area. It can be a kitchen table- a desk in the office, etc. Whatever you do, don’t sit on the couch or a nice bedroom chair with the laptop on your lap as tempting as it is. It won’t set you up for the long run.

Dress Up – Secondly, dress as if you are going to work. Keep your routines and rhythms going strong. Your environment may have changed, but your routine can still remain the same. As hard as it is, keep the structure. It will create a sense of normalcy in abnormal times.

Tune up – Thirdly, try to eliminate some of the constant noise. Between the news, the texts, the social media, etc., there is a lot of background noise. My best advice is to not leave the news on all day, and do not respond to every social media notification you get the moment you get it. It will end up clouding your brain. There’s always time and space to respond, to become informed, etc. But it’s important to set parameters in a way that works best for you. If there’s going to be noise, be intentional with it- your calls, your texts, voicemails, to your group members and leaders. They need to be hearing your voice right now the most!!

Boundaries up – Speaking of parameters, set boundaries. Just because you can work from home doesn’t mean your work should consume your home. In other words, resist the urge to want to do work whenever you have free time. I recognize small group ministry is 24/7, but this could ultimately form negative evening and weekend habits over time. Continue to have healthy boundaries of work and home life (if you are able to in this season and your job allows for it).

“Devel-UP”- Be intentional with your free time. If you find yourself having more of an open schedule in this season, lead yourself through development. Read more SGN blogs. Take up new hobbies. Spend more time in the Word. Slow down long enough to be refreshed amidst the chaos. And allow yourself to be creative that in turn, would result in a healthier you to your family and your team. Studies have found that creativity not only “improves your mental health but reduces anxiety, depression, and stress.” In addition, “it boosts your immune system.”

Our commutes might look different. Our meetings might look different. But time management matters just as much now, if not more, than it did in our day to day in the office. Let’s use this time wisely and creatively and see what the Lord does!

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