7 Ways to Supplement Your Small Group Ministry

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Each morning I wake up and make myself a delicious coconut milk protein smoothy to ensure that my daily does of dietary supplements goes down smoothly! It’s not that I just love to swallow these horse-sized-pills or drink celery juice or eat broccoli, it’s that I’ve learned (now in my late 30’s) that investing in my health in ways like these helps my body to function at optimum performance – more energy, more strength, more mental clarity.

The definition for “supplement” is: something that completes or enhances something else when added to it.

Several years ago, as the new small group point person of my church, I was excited to build a healthy and dynamic small group ministry. Yet at the same time, I felt inadequate and overwhelmed. Thank God a friend introduced me to a network of other small group point people who rallied around me and gave me the support I needed to succeed. And the rest is history – today I am honored to work for the Small Group Network. Here are 7 ways to supplement your small group ministry like I did, by leaning into the SGN…

#1. Enjoy Insightful Resources

Visit smallgroupnetwork.com and register as a member to enjoy a variety of insightful small group ministry resources that have been created by fellow small group point people for you. From articles to videos to curriculum ideas – almost everything you need is here!

#2. Join or Start a “Huddle” 

Huddles are like small groups for small group point people and are found all over the world. The purpose of Huddles is to connect small group point people together a few times a year to build relationships, to find encouragement & to share ideas & resources. Simply go to our Huddle page to find community in a Huddle today.

#3. Jump in the Facebook Group

If you are on Facebook, jump into our dynamic Facebook group community that has now surpassed 4000 members and glean from the thousands of small group ministry ideas, interactions, questions and answers found here. 

#4. Listen to the Podcast

Get equipped and inspired by joining the thousands of other small group point people who have subscribed to our “Group Talk” podcast which has now surpassed over 100k downloads! Find the podcast via our mobile app, the Podcast app, iTunes, IHeartRadio Radio or on the Podcast Page.

#5. Attend a Training Event

Grow as a leader, equip your team and accelerate the health and growth of your small group ministry by attending one of our specialized training events. Visit the events page to pick an event that is right for you and watch this 2 minute video about how Rich Dugan doubled his total number of small groups in one month after attending an SGN event.

#6. Download the Mobile App

Download the SGN mobile app and stay up to date with everything happening in the small group ministry world. Find it here in the App Store and either download it or update it and then “allow notifications” in your phone settings.

#.7 Read a Book by Steve Gladen

Steve Gladen, Saddleback Church’s Global Small Groups Pastor and Founder of the Small Group Network has written 3 of the top small group ministry books available: “Small Groups with Purpose,” “Leading Small Groups with Purpose” and “Planning Small Groups with Purpose.” Get fresh inspiration and insight by reading one or all of these books.


  • Derek Olson

    Derek loves espresso, the outdoors and is passionate about building biblical community! He has been active in small group ministry since 2004 & is honored to serve as Pastor of Small Group Network Development at Saddleback Church.

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