5 Transferrable Principles You Can Learn from International Small Group Ministries

With 37 Small Group Network huddles in countries outside the US and Canada, what can you gain from the lessons of small group ministries all around the world? Check out these five transferrable principles:

  1. Never let a previous experience with groups deter you from trying new groups-based strategies. Many churches in Eastern Europe and other areas tried different models for groups (generally under a different name than “small groups”) and those models did not prove to be sustainable or viable discipleship approaches. Now, many of those same churches are using new small group models with great success, energizing their congregations and experiencing increased spiritual health among their members.
  2. Church-wide campaigns are proving highly successful in all areas of the world. Having a theme that the entire church studies, from sermons on the weekend to small groups in homes, creates a compelling reason for everyone in the church to get on board. As a result, churches are seeing growth in participation in groups, and implementing strategies for developing spiritual health inside the groups.
  3. Finding curriculum for small groups is not a problem. Many churches, even very small ones, are creating simple but potent curricula with smartphone videos or written study guides based on weekend sermons.
  4. Training small group leaders can be easily done by continuing to emphasize the vision of spiritually healthy small groups to the entire congregation. The basics of leading a small group can be taught quickly to new groups and their leaders, and then the church uses the “drip method” to consistently provide information for leaders and group members with short, easily implemented ideas.
  5. Resources from the Small Group Network, such as podcasts and posts on this blog, are helping scores of churches because they are proven concepts from other churches that are easily adapted and adopted.

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