5 Group-Hacks to a Stronger Small Group

How many times have you heard your grandparents or parents tell you about how they walked “up the hill, through the snow” to elementary school and back home? I always enjoyed hearing those stories and then teasing my father about how old he was, when he finished. Although very few enjoy navigating difficult seasons, we love enhancing stories to magnify the level of difficulty we have overcome.

To many, leadership is like walking up a hill, in a blizzard, to and from school. It is the role of a Small Group Point Person to equip and empower hosts and leaders to best lead their group and overcome those difficult obstacles. During this post I want to share 5 Group-Hacks that will ease each Small Group Host or Leader’s efforts and make their group stronger!


Fun doesn’t happen accidentally. Successful groups everywhere are intentional about creating an environment that is enjoyable to be a part of. Life is stressful enough, so use card games, lighthearted questions, or mindless activities to establish a culture of comfort. You don’t want to force the issue or be inauthentic, so check out this fantastic blog by Gina Abbas on 5 Ways to Help Your Group Have More Fun!


Burnout and fatigue is a reality for every group leader, IF they do not find other group members to help lead various areas of the group. Help other members find and utilize their gifting within your group. If there is a family that enjoys hosting, let them host some nights. If there is an individual that feels called to intercessory prayer, let them lead your groups prayer efforts. Whatever the gifting is, find a way to help your member flourish and co-lead your group. Before long, you will see everyone contributing their gifting to growing your group spiritually!

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Fresh is always better. Find ways to renew your group periodically throughout the year. Maybe it is meeting at the park for a fun day, changing your study focus, or asking another person to lead the discussion for the week. Injecting change without purpose is wasteful but keeping your members fresh is exciting!


Unfortunately, this can be the hack that is taken for granted. Because prayer is expected and common in a group setting, we can often breeze through without truly embracing the power that it wields.  Tracy Ware wrote a power-packed post on 8 Creative Prayer Ideas for Your Small Group that would assist your group’s prayer focus.


No matter if you are attending a little league soccer game or waiting in a hospital room during a life-threatening illness, be present will alter your group member’s faith in God. It can be easy to shy away from difficult moments, because we feel ill-equipped on what to say. But, being present during all stages of life is all people need. Most could not tell you statements in dark times, but they could point to every person who was available when they were in need.

These five group-hacks will empower Small Group Leaders to strengthen their groups. Encourage your leaders to try one or all of them in the next season of leadership!


It is my belief that having cheese dip at most or all of your group gatherings is essential to growth. Chips and dip are the ultimate essential to having life changing and casual conversation. Click here for some recipes!

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  • John Tyler Black

    JT is the Small Groups Pastor at Stevens Creek Church in Augusta, GA. He enjoys connecting families with others and the local church. When he is away from the desk, he enjoys being with his family and all things basketball.

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