5 Essentials in Promoting Small Groups via Media

As Small Group Point People, we are all constantly looking to engage the people around us. One commonality point people share is that we understand that we are better together. I know that I am constantly looking into how to grow our groups’ impact and how we can best help new people realize their purpose in Christ through groups. One of the best ways to share my passion and get the word out is through various forms of media. Here are the 5 Essentials in Promoting Groups via Media.

When I first stepped into the role of Point Person, I was quick to acquire a Small Group account with each social media platform. This is great, but I had zero reason to do so. Several lacked effectiveness and I phased them out. The lesson learned was to understand the target audience and to use each platform to speak directly to our current and potential leaders. What forms of media (newspaper, tv, radio, social, etc.) does my targeted audience commonly use? Can I use one or more to engage with them?

Check out the “Marketing” section from an earlier post I wrote here.

As a Point Person, I have many bits of information that need to be passed of to potential leaders. But I must determine my greatest message. What is the essential step one must take next? Whether its an upcoming SG campaign, Group Connection Event or Leader Training Event we must be clear on how others can engage next!

“Huddles” are created to gather small group point people to share ideas, resources & build relationships! 6 new Huddles were created in April: Southern Alabama, North Atlanta, Dallas City Center, West Michigan, Kansas City & Eastern/Central Kentucky! To join a Huddle or to start one, click here:

Sit down with other staffers, volunteers or a mixture of both and talk through a promotion campaign! Campaigns can tie in forms of media from sermon clips to social media posts to maximize your impact. Your campaign can look very different in each church season, but I do encourage you to have fun with it. I’ve seen some churches even do short “episodes” via Facebook and Instagram that are continued throughout the week. Keep your audience engaged and make them want to keep up with each release.

Let your audience know what a win looks like. We all enjoy knowing where our next journey will end up and its no different as a new member or leader. Leaders need to be reassured and set at ease with your expectation of them. Members need to be comforted with what they’ll be walking in to. In either scenario, one must understand what is expected and know how they can succeed! 

Tommy Carreras wrote a great blog with a couple point around this. Make sure you read points #1 and #2.  Check it out here!

As point people, we are good at reaching those that are already engaged. But, we will never reach others until we learn different methods to engage different people. Our team has been looking into ways to grow our reach of our current involvement. Is it using google ads to reach people searching with keywords like “community,” “group,” or “gathering?” Maybe you can partner with a local radio station to talk about being a positive influence in a community group, with a moment to invite to your event. 

I would also encourage each point person to look at what your church does well, that you haven’t incorporated into your groups culture. If you have a great band, record a fun music video around the theme of “friends.” Maybe your kids department is flourishing. Could you package a video to incorporate parents not involved with your church’s groups in partnership with a kids program, simply to give a “taste of groups?” 

I hope these principles are helpful as you begin or continue to promote your groups!



  • John Tyler Black

    JT is the Small Groups Pastor at Stevens Creek Church in Augusta, GA. He enjoys connecting families with others and the local church. When he is away from the desk, he enjoys being with his family and all things basketball.

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