5 December Ideas for Your Group

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Although December is a busy month for most people, it can also be a great month for your Small Group to practice fellowship, outreach, and service!  Here are five ideas to incorporate into your Small Group ministry this month:

  1. Holiday Small Group / Open House

This is a great way to encourage outreach by inviting outsiders (friends, neighbors, co-workers) to join you for your Small Group.  If you have space, encourage everyone to bring a friend.  This gives them a sneak peak of your awesome group, and provides a chance for fellowship and to build some new relationships.  Perhaps, you can incorporate a simple Christmas-themed devotional into your time, and share /show your visitors what your group is all about.  Extend them an open invitation to join you next time! 

2. Small Group Encouragement and Celebration

This is a personal Small Group time to celebrate all that God has done within your group and your group members in the past year.  You can make December a month of “Secret Encouragers” where you randomly pick a person’s name within your group and practice the habit of encouraging them, praying for them, and doing little special things for them – secretly!  Then, set a date for your Small Group to gather for an end-of the year celebration and everyone can guess who they think their secret encourager is!  Maybe even treat them to a final gift – be sure to set limits or details so everyone is on the same page.  Celebrate together with your group, all that God has done in the past year, both individually, and as a group.

3. Service Project

Pick a service project for your group to serve together this month!  It can be something as simple as providing cards for children in a local hospital, nursing home, or mailing overseas to those deployed and away from their families.  You could choose to serve a local church family, or any family in the neighborhood with specific needs (such as providing meals).  You could also choose to adopt a family this month and provide Christmas presents to a family in need, or serve a meal at a local shelter.  There’s always a wide range of service projects – but pick one and serve together!

4. Have fun!  Spread cheer and invitations to your group/church.

Pick one night to go Christmas caroling with your Small Group!  You don’t need to be the best singer — just be willing to have fun!  Pick a day, a local neighborhood (maybe central to where your Small Group meets) and a few songs.  You can print up invitation cards for your group (when and where you meet, and provide one contact person and their info), or if your Church has invitation cards for their Christmas services / concerts, etc…. this is a great opportunity!  Spend time in fellowship afterwards and also pray for those whose homes you visited and gave invitations.

5. Church-wide Holiday Family Dinner

Some of our best holidays memories are made right at the dinner table!  Family and friends can spend hours gathered around the table, talking, sharing stories, laughter, and building deeper connections.  The holidays are also a difficult and lonely time for many, so this is a great opportunity to not only share some joy and company with those people in your Church, but it’s also a great way to find those who are not yet connected and help get them connected!

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