3 Ways to Have Great “Huddle” Conversations

Have you ever wanted to share ideas and learn from other Small Group Point People? Ever wish there was a way to connect with people and share wins and struggles with small groups? Good news! Spaces for this and friends like this exist in Small Group Network “Huddles!” Huddles are created for the purpose of connecting Small Group Point People together to build relationships and to share ideas and resources! Huddles have been a game changer for me and my role working with small groups!

This is me & my fellow small group ministry peers at our “DC Metro” Huddle! If you aren’t currently in a huddle, be sure to check one out in your area or start one here at smallgroupnetwork.com/huddles

Now, you might be asking what’s the value of adding one more thing to my calendar?

Here’s why: Huddles have helped me realize how the Lord is using me in small group ministry and have helped speak life into who He is continuing to call me to be. Huddles have affirmed me and added value to my ministry. In other words, they help you keep growing!

If you are currently in a huddle, here are three takeaways in order to have great conversations and make every huddle count!

1) Be Honest

One of the best things about huddles is that it is a great time to learn from each other. But in order to do this, we need to be honest with each other. Everything in your ministry cannot be going stellar at all times. I’m sure there is at least one thing that makes you think, ” I wish this could work better,” or “I’m stuck on how to move this ball down the field.” The more you share what is or isn’t working, you’ll hear stories that make you think, “I’m so glad I’m not the only one working through that” and you’ll realize you aren’t alone!

2) Be Open

What are you reading? What has someone recently recommended or shared with you? What are some resources you’ve created that you can pass onto others? When we all get together and all want each other’s ministries to grow, sharing our resources makes us unstoppable! Huddles are a wealth of knowledge when you bring everyone around the table.

3) Be Willing to Connect on a Deeper Level

Sometimes it’s our default to walk into a room, participate in an event, and leave (or maybe that is just the introvert coming out in me). But, if there’s one thing I’ve realized through huddles, it’s that these relationships become your support system. They help you navigate ministry and life, and they are there to create that safe space!

Jump in a huddle today if you aren’t in one. If you are in one, remember to be honest, be open, and be willing to connect on a deeper level. The Lord will take your huddle to a whole new level, and what you put into huddles is what you will get out of them. In the end, we are always better when we do ministry together!

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