3 Metrics to Measure in this Season

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I’m sure I’m not the only one in this season asking myself, “What metrics should I be measuring?” and “How can I continue to monitor the health of our small groups?” We know that there still can be healthy small groups and ministries in this season, so how do we measure them? There are three metrics that I’ve been measuring that I have found to be helpful.

1) Engagement- Who is engaged and who isn’t? Do you know? How are you reaching out the those who are already engaged and those who have dropped off? This is a season to make sure the engaged stay engaged and those who have not been engaged to either engage for the first time or re-engage. We really are also all serving as Connections Pastors in this season so that we are able to help people connect to community.

2) Consistency- For those who are already engaged, how consistent are they? Do they attend groups weekly? Monthly? Sporadically? And for those who are inconsistently attending, who is pastoring them? I have always made it my goal to make sure no one falls through the cracks, but now, I think it is essential more than ever. Do whatever you need to do to make sure no one falls through the cracks!

3) Spiritual Growth- Are your groups going deeper than they were before in prayer and with each other? How are they growing? Are they actively in the Word of God daily? Are they growing through unconventional ways like using Marco Polo to connect throughout the week or starting a texting chain? One of the greatest highlights I’ve seen this season in our groups is that they are moving from weekly contact to daily discipleship. They are being more intentional by connecting throughout the week instead of just weekly.

I’m sure there are more metrics out there to measure but these are three that I have been measuring in order to ensure the health of our small groups in this season! Who is engaging and who isn’t? How are they engaging- consistently or inconsistently? Are they spiritually going deeper than they were before so that they are moving from weekly to daily discipleship?

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  • Kiersten Telzerow

    Kiersten Telzerow lives in the Washington, D.C area with her husband, Matt, and their goldendoodle named Luna! Kiersten serves as the Small Group Director at one of the campuses at National Community Church and is a Master of Divinity student at Wesley Seminary through Indiana Wesleyan University. She loves being in community with people and learning about their stories. When Kiersten is not studying, her favorite thing to do is spending time with family and friends, trying new coffees, attending leadership conferences, or reading a new book. She loves all things small groups and believes that we were never meant to exist alone - community is always better!

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