20 Coaching Commitments for 2020

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I have the privilege of serving as a small group coach (what we call a Community Leader) at Saddleback church where I oversee about 20 small group leaders (what we call Hosts). As we look ahead to the new year, here are 20 small group coaching commitments that I pray you will purpose to live out with me in 2020…

#1) We will walk the talk – we will model what leading a healthy small group looks like by leading healthy small groups ourselves.

#2) We will get filled up so that we can pour out – We can’t give what we don’t have. Therefore we will abide in Christ, meditate on His Word & pray.

#3) We will pray for our small group leaders – “Prayer moves the arm that moves the world.” – Spurgeon. If we fail to pray then we’re just working out of our own strength which will fade fast.

#4) We will consistently connect – we will relentlessly check-in with our leaders at least once per month. Consistency is a key ingredient to any successful venture.

#5) We will creatively communicate – we will think outside the box, we will change things up & we will use any means necessary to get our leaders to read, watch & listen to our insightful messages!

#6) We will be shepherds – more than serving as small group leaders, these are real people, with real feelings, who face real trials. Therefore we will love them, care for them & listen to them beyond just small group talk.

#7) We will celebrate our leaders – we will thank them, we will brag about them, we will encourage them & we will look for any possible reason to celebrate them as often as we can!

#8) We will be organized – we will pay attention to details, we will be aware of the church calendar & we will know when our leader’s small groups are meeting. We will take note of who has not been responding, we will make lists & we will keep records.

#9) We will equip – aside from caring for & praying for our leaders, we will equip them with the latest news, ideas, trends & resources related to helping them lead the most dynamic groups possible.

#10) We will rest – any ministry, especially one like coaching is not a sprint, but a very long marathon. God rested, therefore we must take time in our week to rest, to unplug & to have fun. This will help us to stay faithful over the long haul.

#11) We will inspire – we will cast contagious vision, we will share powerful stories & testimonies of what God is doing to change people’s lives in biblical community.

#12) We will be real – we won’t sugar coat things. We will acknowledge that community & relationships can be messy. We will share our own challenges & failures as small group leaders.

#13) We will point our small group leaders to take the next step – to help them become the best possible versions of themselves, we must point them to the best practices & deeper leadership trainings we offer throughout the year.

#14) We will lead up – because we are committed to the overall success of our church and our small group ministry, we will speak up & share our experiences, ideas & learnings with the leaders we report to.

#15) We will grow as leaders – we have not arrived, we do not know it all & we have blind spots. Therefore, we will increase our leadership lids by learning from our team & the veteran coaches who have been around longer than we have.

#16) We will go the extra mile – we will not view our coaching as something to just check off our list, but we will take the time to serve our leaders well, to respond to their questions & to get them the resources they need.

#17) We will ask great questions – we will ask ourselves “how can I lead more effectively?” We will ask our leaders “how can I serve you better?” We will ask our small group pastors “what can I do better as a coach?”

#18) We will duplicate ourselves – we will keep an eye open for people who could serve alongside us as coaches & we will recruit them!

#19) We will not get discouraged – when hosts fail to reply to our emails or texts, if hosts quit – we will not get discouraged! We are ultimately serving Christ, not man.

#20) We will not quit – the church is the hope of the world, & we get to play a part in fulfilling the great commission! Therefore we will not quit.

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  • Derek Olson

    Derek loves espresso, the outdoors and is passionate about building biblical community! He has been active in small group ministry since 2004 & is honored to serve as Pastor of Small Group Network Development at Saddleback Church.

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