10 Ways to Provide Care for SG Leaders

One of our greatest privileges as Small Group Point People is to care for our leaders and team. I was sitting in a meeting with other leadership a few weeks ago and said, “I feel so disconnected from some leaders. What can we do to be better at caring for them?!” Our team started braining storming additional ways to care for our people and here is a list of 10 ways we will provide care for our leaders in the coming year.

Over the last year, I’ve made a point to carve out a space in our church’s atrium for Small Groups and to be available in the same spot before and after each service our church holds. I’ve seen a noticeable increase in conversations with our group leaders. Our Small Group Leaders know I am where to go and that I am eagerly available if they have anything on their mind or want to simply catch up.

Earlier this year, Derek Olson gave us a peek into Pastor Steve Gladen’s Vision Day. I LOVED THIS IDEA! Check out Derek’s post because this event needs to be in your year’s calendar.

Many businesses describe connection with clients as “touches” and this is what I am focusing on this season. In today’s world there are so many tools in which to connect with people and we should look to use them to our advantage. Text, call, email, Tweet or message your way into people’s every day. Let them know with a simple post or text that they are on your mind and in your prayer.

Look for group leaders that have served for an extended period and celebrate their dedication! If someone hits their 5th, 10th or more years of service make a big deal about it! Send over some flowers or a small gift and tell their stories to your church. Emphasize to all leaders how much their commitment and sacrifice has done to move your church forward.

I now have a scheduled appointment each week to write a handful of notes to group leaders. In a world where we are less and less personal, these sort of touches go a long way to show your care for others. I can send personal emails for the rest of my life and I will not get the same response for the handwritten notes that I have already mailed.

We all love surprise parties, whether the party is for us or not. Look for ways to show up in your group leaders’ lives. Pick a moment and place like out on the ball field for one of their kids, in a hospital after a procedure or a moment of celebration (i.e. wedding, graduation, etc.) and show up. I don’t remember speeches or presents given in my life, but I know for certain who was present along the way.

At some point in your VISION DAY, aim to hand out some awards. These awards could be serious or lighthearted in nature. They illustrate to your team that you think about them as more than a group leader and see their unique qualities and passions that set them apart from everyone else. 

Host a cookout, go bowling or head to the movies with your team. Have an evening with zero agenda other than being involved with your team “outside of work.” People can always use more fun in their lives and taking a handful of evenings a semester to enjoy being with your team goes a long way.

This principle is similar to the handwritten notes, but it’s another touch in someone’s life. It can be a $5 coffee gift card, donuts or some candy. Small acts of appreciation express lots of love. 

There are stories within your small group leadership that need to be shared! Use service time, your church website or social media to share about any stories of life change happening with group members. Your group leaders will strive for what is celebrated in your group culture.


  • John Tyler Black

    JT is the Small Groups Pastor at Stevens Creek Church in Augusta, GA. He enjoys connecting families with others and the local church. When he is away from the desk, he enjoys being with his family and all things basketball.

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