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Much has been written on, spoken on, pontificated on the recruitment of new small group leaders/HOSTS (a quick search on the SGN website, produced these results). It is a never-ending part of our job as small group point people. When you successfully recruit a new leader/HOST, it is exhilarating, while the “no’s” can be, at times, demoralizing.

In case you are not familiar with the acronym HOST, it comes from Saddleback Church. It stands for: Have a heart for people; Open up your place; Serve a snack; Turn on the video.

So why should anyone become a small group leader? I recently asked some of the other bloggers for their reasons, so here are 10 reasons everyone should become a small group HOST.

10)  Forces you to leave work on time. There is nothing like the pressure of 10 people coming over to entice you to get home.

9)  Forces you to clean your house. Because you left work on time, you now have time to clean your house. Again, let’s be honest, the only reason most of us ever clean our house is because guests are coming over.

8)  Impacts the candle industry. Now that your house is clean, you want it to smell nice, not to mention you want to create an environment in which people feel welcomed, relaxed, and willing to slow down.

7)  Don’t have to get your kids ready to go someplace. This only works if you have kids, but if you do, hosting a small group allows your kids to stay in the comfort of your own home.

6)  Impacts the spiritual vitality of your home in huge ways. In Barna’s recent research, Households of Faith, they discovered that welcoming people into your home contributes mightily to the spiritual health of your house, regardless of your stage in life.

5)  Control of snacks. This means you get to sample a variety of tasty snacks, or if you love to bake, you get the opportunity to try out new recipes on new friends.

4)  Forces you to be nice and have friends. Depending on how your church does sign-ups, you may meet some people you would not have otherwise. And in the process you meet Jesus in new ways.

3)  Discover and develop God-given spiritual gifts. In hosting, not only do you develop your spiritual gifts, but you get to do so with others, and you get to help others develop their spiritual gifts.

2)  Forces you to be more intentional in your reflection on Scripture. Just like we don’t clean our house until we have company, many of us struggle to spend personal time reflecting on Scripture, unless we are forced to. There is nothing like people coming over to discuss Scripture to force you to at least be somewhat prepared.

1) Jesus did it. If it was necessary for Jesus, might it also be necessary for us?

Any reasons you would give that I missed?

Have a question or an insight? Leave it below!

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