Virtual Lobby Fall 2021

On Demand

Main Session Speakers

Dr. Dave Alford

Leadership Essentials

Dr. Bill Donahue

3 Practices Transforming the Culture of Leadership

Tony Love

How to Lead by the Examples Jesus Gave Us

The lobby is an environment where likeminded small group people can come together and say
"how can we be better together?"

Steve Gladen

The Lobby Gathering is a virtual conference designed to be “just the lobby.” The part of a conference where you connect with others doing what you do, the speakers, and new friends. The place where you get to ask any questions, get real life advice, and build lasting valuable friendships. This isn’t a normal conference. It’s just the lobby.

Las sesiones principales tendrán subtítulos en español. También habrá sesiones paralelas completamente en español.

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Individual Registration – $209.00

Team of 2 Registration (price per person) – $199.00

Team of 3 or more Registration (price per person) – $189.00

*Registration ends on Nov 8th, 2021. Walk-in registrations are not available.