How Will You Help Your Groups Cultivate an Attitude of Worshipful Submission?
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As Steve was talking about maintaining that vertical connection through worship, I kept thinking, “That vertical connection is worship!” This concept is what I have really been emphasizing in my church. Unfortunately, since my church is very traditional, it appears that worship has been reduced to a page in the bulletin that we closely follow each Sunday. I try desperately to move it from horizontal to vertical.

The three levels of worship on pages 216 and 217 are appropriate. Fact is, it should happen in every aspect of the church. Years ago, when I was the trustee chairman of a church, I preferred to start each meeting with a devotion and prayer. Otherwise, it seemed like we had just gotten together to talk about light bulbs and building repair. I reminded them of how many biblical characters had building projects given by God.

Practicing various ways of worship is especially important in small groups. It is another way in enhancing the spiritual intimacy of the group. Like Steve said, there is far more to worship than music and singing. He gives four somewhat typical (in my experiences) ways of worshipping in small groups, Scripture meditation, videos, singing, and communion. What are some other ways that you have experienced?
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It’s all about the Lord, from start to finish it must always be about the Lord. This is what I feel Steve is getting at, that no matter what stage of the small group ministry your church is in, keeping the Lord at the center and working on connecting people to Him is an essential element to the ministry. Without the Lord, a large small group ministry is nothing but an organized social gathering.

I appreciate how Steve brings many different forms of worship into this topic of involving small groups in ministry. There are groups that have the blessing of someone who could lead worship in the small group, but for groups that do not have this gifted person, what do they do to worships the Lord. Steve addresses some of these other ways of worship and it is great to have some ideas and tools to introduce into groups. I believe worship is an essential part of a believer’s life and having small groups incorporate worship will be powerful.

A.W. Tozer says, “If a believer does not enjoy worship in church, then they will not enjoy heaven.” The Bible says worship will be a large part of our heavenly experience and incorporating worship into the small group in many different forms allows believers to keep their mind on heaven and the Lord. What is the most affective way you have found incorporating worship into the small groups?
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Re: How Will You Help Your Groups Cultivate an Attitude of Worshipful Submission?

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Although everyone would agree worship is an essential part of our spiritual life, many leaders wrestle with how to incorporate it into their group time without it feeling forced or awkward. Some ideas I've found to help people expand their understanding of what worship can look like beyond the weekend experience is being still before God and listening for His voice, reflecting on Psalms, thanksgiving, giving something up for a fast/Lent and remembering Jesus’ sacrifice for us, etc. Here are some suggestions on how a leader can gradually introduce new forms of worship that fits their group’s unique dynamic and personality:
1. Invite your group members to think of something that feels ordinary in their daily lives, but for which they are grateful, e.g. a roof over their head, more than one meal a day, etc. Then have each person express their thanks for that thing within the group. After everyone shares, let your group know you just had a time of worship by humbling yourselves before God and giving thanks (Psalm 69:30).
2. Ask your group to reflect on the Names of God found in Scripture, and share the ones that stand out as the most significant for them. Simply google “list of names of God in the Bible” if you’d like to give them a list to jump-start their thinking.
3. Play worship music and ponder the lyrics. Choose a song or two that is especially meaningful to you, and as you play it, have your group simply listen intently to the lyrics and reflect upon God’s goodness. Afterwards, invite them to share a word or thought that struck them while listening that was inspirational. Be the first to share and watch how the Lord uses this to help people express worshipful thanksgiving.
4. Read a Gospel account of Jesus’ death and resurrection and invite your group to reflect on God’s love for each of them and the world (John 3:16-17). Expand on this time by celebrating communion together (1 Corinthians 11:23-26). Check out Andrew Camp's recent blog post on how you can do this: ... all-group/
5. Invite your group members to bring a picture to your next meeting that’s important to them and be prepared to share how it reflects God’s faithfulness in their lives, what they’re believing God for, etc. Pray together afterwards.
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I agree with Steve that the vertical connection is vitally important to the small group ministry. Worship, true worship, must start with the individual first. It is hard for a person to truly worship corporately when they have not experienced worship personally in their daily time with God. So, how do we encourage this to take place? Steve defined worship as, "complete submission to the Holy Spirit, total surrender, including sacrifice of the junk that is in us." If this is not happening on a personal level, how can it happen in small group?

For our ministry, it first needs to be taught and led what true worship is. And this is no easy task in a traditional church. Worship is Sunday morning singing. We need to teach them that worship is anything that pleases the heart of God, wherever you are. Then, the next awkward step is experiencing true worship in a small group. It can be uncomfortable to sit in silence while the group meditates on God's word. It feels weird at first to have communion outside of the church walls, led by someone other than your pastor. Even singing together in a small group takes practice before some people can truly worship in front of the group.So, I guess we start with what by planning and "expecting meaningful experiences that allow God to do what only He can do" and then sit back and watch Him work.

Has anyone ever used any curriculum or books to help teach smaller groups what true worship is?
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I love that you started your church business meeting with a devotion about people in the Bible with building projects. It is a good reminder that God sees and it is important to Him to keep what He has given to us in working order. I, too, loved the reminder that Steve gives us in this question to point people to a vertical relationship with God.

Like, Steve said, the possibilities of worship are endless for a small group. In the past, my small group has done service projects together that has been a worshipful experience. I have always wanted to have a foot washing experience, but I have not found a group yet that was interested in experiencing that. I have been a part of a foot washing service that was extremely moving and I will never forget it. Once you get over the initial weirdness of it, the experience is humbling and helps you see people in a different light.

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