How Will You Create Opportunities for Groups to Serve?
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Q12 - How Will You Create Opportunities for Groups to Serve?

Postby » Fri May 04, 2018 12:03 pm
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Even though this step is not in our immediate future, this video has helped me think differently about how I seek out volunteers. I love the the idea of thinking of it as presenting opportunities to serve. Then, recording the event, celebrating the wins and creating opportunities for people to share about their serving experience. As I have already learned, personal stories are a huge draw to bring others into service with me. And, like Steve said, then I already have a promo for the next time we have a need for servants.

I have not given much thought to asking groups of people to serve at a certain event and I am anxious to try this approach. I know that serving as a group creates deeper relationships because they have a common experience. I think seasonal opportunities will be the best place to start. We have two Christmas events for the month of December, so I plan to try the group serving together approach. I am hoping that this will create some excitement around serving.

Anyone have a creative and unique way that you have done the group ask to serve for a seasonal opportunity?
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I find it amazing how the four questions in the "study" follow right along with my thoughts on developing leaders. However, I am thinking about opportunities for individuals to serve. Steve shoved me right out of my box when he started talking about having opportunities for groups to serve. This idea will also form leaders naturally. People step up when there is work to be done.

It is good timing to be talking about seasonal opportunities. As a group, our church reaches out to the community (as many do) to help people in this season. Already this week, I have been working with a family who is out of work and has two young children. Our church is coming together to provide their Christmas dinner and presents. People are anxious to help, knowing that it is a one-time thing and not a long-term commitment. That seems to be the issue for many when it comes to serving and becoming a leader.

What I had not considered were the times when we run out of opportunities. This requires planning. As the title of the book indicates, we have to plan with a purpose. I am planning on having a “paint party” next spring since our church annex needs to be painted. I used to be part of a small group who took turns with the other small groups serving meals for the homeless at the local Salvation Army. What other more creative ways have people tried that gave people in the group a purpose?
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I appreciated question number twelve because it was a good reminder that encouraging members to serve is important. I like the dynamic of giving the small groups multiple avenues to serve. Whether that be inside the group, the church or another ministry that the church operates in.

One way I have seen groups serve each other is to rotate the food or hosting responsibilities. Different couples or people are assigned to bring the food each week, or the location that the group meets changes every week. I have seen this as an effective way to help the group serve each other, but I wonder what system you have seen as more effective for the cohesiveness of the group. Do you think rotating meeting locations or keeping it the same week after week is better for the overall health of the group?

Something that Steve talked about that I had not thought about before was how serving with those in your small group can open up ways for you to know them better and connect with them. I come from a military family and some of my father’s and brothers’ best friends are with those they served with. This can be similar to how those inside the small groups can grow together and connect when they serve the community and church together; this was great reminder from Steve.
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I think it is a wise thing to intentionally provide opportunities for service. Are you also allowing others to help plan, or totally plan, these opportunities for the church? This may be a way that you could find leaders for future small groups as you watch them plan and implement service projects for the church.

You are so right that people love to serve when they know the end is near. As a fellow older congregation, I know that older people love to feed others. So, maybe you can find opportunities to pack sack lunches for the summer or serve at a mission once a month to serve food to the homeless.

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