How to Gather a “C-Team”

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Steve Gladen always talks about gathering a C- Team around you in your Small Group Ministry, and by C-Team, he’s not giving the team a specific grade! Any company you work for likely has a C suite of people: CEOs, CFOs, COOs, etc. It’s so that all the things don’t fall on the responsibility of one person’s skill set. Small groups are no different. Can you imagine if the same one person led the entire ministry and led each and every small group themselves? They’d likely live and sleep at the church, and it’d be pretty one dimensional. But, here’s the thing- we aren’t meant to do ministry alone. We are better together.

So, I thought for this month, it’d be great to talk through how to rally a C- Team! I’m not saying you need a CFO on your groups team in order to lead a small group, but you do need elders, shepherds, organizers, team leads, etc. Every team is going to look different too because every church is different! But, the same principle is still true- we all need a C-Team. In Planning Small Groups with Purpose, Steve goes on to say, “I later realized that by not giving away the ministry, I was hurting myself and robbing others of opportunities to use their giftedness and pursue their passions.”

So, here are a few tips to developing a C-Team:

  • Find people who are available and capable. God uses those who are available!
  • Find people who are already bought into groups!
  • Find people who have servant hearts & want more for the ministry!
  • Pray for God to send you the right people!

I had prayed for the Lord to send me a C-Team who would specifically help me see things differently on an operations levels as well as help me be more strategic. (A C-Team who would help me “see” things better. Pun intended!) Our groups ministry is growing, and I felt like the Lord wanted me to find the people around me who were already volunteering who could help strategize ways to continue to grow depth and breadth simultaneously. I kid you not- I have had people come up to me saying that they have felt the Lord nudging them to serve in groups ministry beyond being a high capacity small group leader. I even had one woman come up to me saying her background is in strategic operations and business improvement. Talk about a divine appointment. But, it started with an openness to realizing that God doesn’t want to just grow a ministry, he also wants to grow a team. It all started with a prayer of asking God to send the right people.

It takes time, but your C-Team will be available, and they will be capable! So, ask the Lord today: “Who is my C-Team? & Could you help me “see” my team?”

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