Copy & Paste Email Template for Welcoming New Group Members

You have the opportunity to take the guesswork out of welcoming new members to a small group. Having an email script can benefit the leaders and help new group members feel welcomed and know expectations.

Recently, Mike Miller, a small group leader at Browncroft, shared an email that impressed the leadership team. Before I share that email with you, I wanted to give you a few bullet points to an email welcoming a new group member:

  • *A welcome opening sentence
  • *Introduce the members of the group
  • *Describe the group
  • *Share when and where the group meets
  • *Include contact information

With Mike’s permission, you can use this email as a copy and paste to welcome new members to your small group:

(Insert Name of New Small Group Member),

I wanted to reach out and welcome you to the upcoming group meeting, and we look forward to you joining our small group to go through the (insert study or series topic) with us. We wanted to send you this email to help you get settled.

I’m not sure if you’ve met any of the small group members in the past, but they include:

  • (Insert name of small group members)
  • (Insert name of small group members)
  • (Insert name of small group members)
  • (Insert name of small group members)

(Insert the description of your group like this) We’re a pretty lively bunch – always have plenty to say, and we’ll sometimes take the ‘scenic route’ in any study, discussions we have….and we’re all looking forward to digging into the Rooted series. We’ve heard so much great feedback – now it’s time to experience it for ourselves.

In our first meeting, we will discuss (insert topic). Bring a Bible, a pad of paper, and a pen to join the discussion with us.

Our small group meets every week at (Insert Day & time). Our address is (Insert address). Lastly, you can reach me by email or text/call me at (insert phone number).

We’re so glad that you’re joining our group! Let us know if there are other ways we can help you get settled in. See you (insert first group meeting date & time).


(Name of Small Group Leader)

Have a question or an insight? Leave it below!

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