Small Group Earthquake Plans

If we’ve learned anything from the pandemic, it’s that we don’t know what’s next. So, your plans and preparations need to be like buildings made for an earthquake. The 2009 L’Aquila earthquake in Italy was devastating. It damaged thousands of buildings, both new and ancient, leaving 65,000 people homeless. The main reason for the extent […]

A Simple Game-Changing Practice for Your Small Group

Imagine yourself in a family room with some of your friends and Jesus showed up. Do you think you’d be the exact same person afterwards as you were before? Nope! Things would of course be different in your life! People are transformed when they encounter the Presence of God. A truth about small groups that […]

3 Steps to a Merry Small Group

It is the most wonderful time of the year! Churches worldwide are bustling with activities and finding ways to serve families within their community during this holiday season. Small groups own such a unique role within each of these special moments. As the year comes to a close and calendars fill up, it is essential […]

Smartphone Discipleship

Smartphone Discipleship I hear a lot of talk about how dumb and unspiritual our phones are making us. There is surely some truth in that. In this article, I want to focus on how our phones can make us closer to God, closer to each other, and better disciples. Smartphone Quiet Time The fundamental discipline […]

Small Group Pizza Crust

4 tips for handling the current undercurrent impacting interpersonal interaction in your small groups Small groups have been pushed, pulled, and tossed like so much, bad pizza crust. After years of stable, in-person small groups, they were canceled without an opportunity to gracefully say goodbye. We immediately began experimenting with online meetings via a plethora […]

4 Hacks to Recruiting New Small Group Leaders

Recruiting new small group leaders can feel like an all-year all-hands-on-deck operation. The ratio of people looking for groups versus people willing to lead seems like it skews to the latter. Before becoming a pastor, I worked as an admissions counselor at a college. My role focused on recruiting students to apply and attend the […]

10 Ways to Attract & Empower New Small Group Leaders

Not everyone connects in the same way. Church leaders have found that offering multiple entry-points into their church’s community life helps more people build relationships and find a small group so they can be more committed to their ongoing spiritual growth. There are more approaches than ever to helping people connect and grow together in […]