10 Reasons I am Thankful for Small Group Leaders

During my Navy career, my wife and I had the opportunity to live in Sicily, Italy for four years. I remember my sister calling during our first November in Sicily and asking how the Sicilians celebrated Thanksgiving. The answer, of course, was Sicilians do not celebrate Thanksgiving, because Thanksgiving is a distinctly American and Canadian […]

4 Keys to Hard Conversations

Hard conversations can be challenging. They are never fun. And truthfully most of us would rather not have to have any hard conversations. However, sometimes they are necessary. Maybe there is a Small Group leader who is teaching something contrary to the church’s core values. Or maybe a Small Group member is using their group […]

3 Things I Wish Someone had Told Me

Oscar Wilde said, “experience is simply the name we give to our mistakes.” Having been a Small Group Point Person for a number of years now, I have accumulated lots of that type of experience. My hope is that by sharing what I wish someone had told me when I was first starting out in […]

3 Steps to Prepare Small Groups for Growth

My wife loves to garden. She gains a deep sense of accomplishment every time our house is surrounded by beautiful flowers. On the other hand, I abhor gardening; because it is usually associated with hours and hours on my hands and knees working the soil. I would rather save myself the time and pain by just […]