2 Keys to Add Value to those You Lead

Knowing Your People – Grows Your People In a season of recruiting Small Group Point People (SGPP), here’s what I’ve learned: Knowing them ultimately grows them! In other words, knowing the people you serve with is what enables growth to take place. The more that people feel respected and known, the more they share that […]

How to Navigate the Loss of a Loved One with Your Small Group

I don’t know who said it first, but there is a quote that says, “Silence speaks when words fail.” At one point or another, we will encounter a moment when we won’t know the words to say. Maybe you’ve been there before. That’s often what the loss of a loved one does. Initially, it leaves […]

3 Ways to Keep Momentum Going in Low-Key Seasons

I once heard John Maxwell say, “When you have momentum, don’t take a vacation.” As funny as this is- it’s really true. Why would you stop the momentum? When you are surfing, you wait for the wave to build, then you ride it out. You don’t just stop mid- wave and get off. You ride […]

Capturing Stories in 5 Easy Steps

I have a  few stories I’d love to share with you. Stories like Josue, who said, “Small groups have been God’s way of working in my life on the theme of building community and restoring real community and relationships in my life.” Or Nicole who said, “Small groups for me are like family.” These aren’t […]

5 Best Practices for Short-Term Community Over the Summer

summer best practices

For those of us who are headed into summer season, this post is for you. If you aren’t approaching that season yet, file this post to read at a later time!  Summer can be a challenging, yet deep time for community, can’t it? I mean I live in this tension over the summer between slowing […]

Are You Modeling “Better Together” Leadership?

The story begins in Exodus 17 where people are grumbling…and blaming Moses- “Why did you take us out here? Isn’t this journey ever going to end? Why can’t we find water? Didn’t you say God would provide?” Then, God tells him to go stand in the Nile river and strike the rock so water may […]

Small Groups: 3 Things for Walking a Tight Rope

Andy Stanley says, “Some tensions are to be managed, not problems to be solved.”  I was recently convicted by a conversation I had with a Small Group Point Person. He said, “With all of the groups you oversee, how do you know what is taking place in all of them? How do you know the […]

We Are All CEOs: 3 Ways to Encourage Your Small Group Leaders

The Power of Encouraging Words We see in Scripture that David was regularly “strengthened by the Lord.” Some translations say, “He encouraged himself in the Lord,” which means to strengthen or prevail (1 Samuel 30:6). And while I believe that God can give us a new spirit of strength in a way that we cannot, […]

4 Seasons Of The Soul

Every soul goes through seasons, just like the seasons within a calendar year. Winter, spring, summer, and fall are all seasons of the soul that we encounter. Maybe where you live, you don’t encounter every season outside, but your soul does on the inside. While one person may be in a time of spiritual spring […]

3 Tips for Goal Oriented Groups in the New Year

1- Ask Questions 2- Reflect on the Good 3- Set Goals to Improve  As the adage says, “Failing to plan is planning to fail”, and I believe that is true. The thing I love about December is that it is a bridge, or a grace period, between the time we are reflecting on what we […]