7 Ways to Develop Positive Group Discussions

1 Remember it is a discussion not a lecture The role of the discussion leader is to facilitate the conversation and help people interact, not to deliver a monologue. Sharing the leadership discussion role around group members is one practical way to help alleviate falling into the ‘lecturer’ trap. Another practical step you can take […]

Creating Intentional Pathways to Small Groups

Accelerate the health & growth of your small group ministry by attending one of these “Accelerate” Small Group Workshops! I recently attended The SGN Lobby Gathering at Saddleback’s Retreat Centre -Rancho Capistrano, California. What an amazing experience, being in such a beautiful environment with so many enthusiastic, talented, passionate and wise small group point people. […]

5 Essentials For Small Group Coaches

group coaching.jpeg

Keeping the vision for small group ministry in the forefront of your coaches’ minds helps them to stay passionate and to see clearly where their role fits in the big picture. If the small group ministry is aligned with the overall church’s vision and mission, then you have the bonus of coaches knowing they are […]

How to G.R.O.W. your Small Group Ministry in the New Year

About 15 years ago I was attending a retreat, as I got talking to a fellow pastor she shared with me a very simple tool, a tool which I went on and used very successfully. I have utilised the formula personally when I have been feeling ‘stuck’ in a particular area of my life. I […]

Two Christmas Characters Who Can Challenge Your Small Group Ministry.

In this blog I want to encourage you to reflect on two of the central figures in the Christmas story; Mary and Joseph. Nothing new there you think to yourself, that’s what I normally do at Christmas time! However, this year I would like you to take the time to specifically reflect on their individual […]

14 Missional Christmas Ideas for your Small Group

Today I went shopping, not an unusual thing for me! However what was unusual was what I saw……..Christmas displays already in many stores! Yes it is getting close to that time of year again! I don’t know about you but I find that I have to proactively work against getting caught up in this busy, […]

8 Creative Prayer Ideas for your Small Group

Announcing our new online training course that features 7 total video session taught by Saddleback Church Online Pastor Jay Kranda, Downloadable notes & lesson discussion questions! Learn more by watching the free course introduction & enroll HERE! It is Tuesday evening, your small group has gathered, you have had some supper, opened up about what is […]

8 Approaches When Dealing with a “Discussion Dominator”

Most groups have one or two people who tend to dominate small group discussion times and seem to have all the answers to the questions! They tend to speak first, with much authority and sometimes can be so intimidating that others do not participate and instead take a back seat. So how do we train […]

One ‘Must Have’ Resource for your Small Group Ministry.

During the month of June 2018, an eagerly awaited resource landed on the shores of Australia. Many hours of time, energy, writing, administration, and finances had been invested to ensure a safe arrival! Steve Gladen was here and the Australian Small Groups with Purpose Conferences would soon begin. As the day of the conference approached, […]